Finding employment in the supply chain industry

Do You Have What it Takes to Work in the Supply Chain Industry?

While not very attractive to Generation Y, (many of whose members want to make a difference, start businesses and work short term jobs); supply chain work is growing in popularity, as practical-minded Generation Z’ers seek reliable employment that offers:

  • Good benefits,
  • Stability, and
  • Growth opportunities

And unlike Generations X, Y and the Baby Boomers who often harbored a more idealized approach to career building; Generation Z makes an extra effort to see life from a more realistic perspective and works to accomplish their objectives by keeping practicality in mind.

However, what are modern supply chain employers looking for?

A Good Work Ethic

Because the supply chain is an integral part of every product we use; in essence, employers are looking for people who are comfortable and who excel as part of a whole. They are looking for people who will do an excellent job, no matter what their current job title is; to deliver products on time and in the best condition possible. The supply chain is not only the manufacturing process, but it’s also management, shipping, delivery, administrative work, picking and sorting work and so much more.

Ideal candidates are also ambitious men and women who should expect to meet with, and plan to take advantage of numerous growth opportunities and timely pay raises.

People Skills

Communication and people skills are crucial to working in a supply chain environment. You will have coworkers from all walks of life and several different cultures, age groups and other demographics. You must communicate effectively with everyone.


Every supply chain is different, and every company has a different company culture. For example, Dell did away with distributors and retailers and reduced costs; offering consumers their products at far below standard industry prices. Dell is now the largest computer manufacturing company in the world. Wal-Mart manages its distribution practices and supplies in a way that dramatically cuts costs for consumers. Some companies encourage creativity and want employees that enjoy change, while others are looking for workers that prefer simple, reliable work and that are comfortable with routine.

Attention to Detail

Distracted, careless people don’t do well in supply chain careers. It’s important for candidates to be very detail oriented when it comes to both their physical work and their interactions with coworkers. The final product and company reputation will both suffer if workers are careless or distracted.

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