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Kappa Search Inc. is a Chicago employment agency that specializes in engineering, manufacturing, technical sales and operations recruitment and placement. Our main industries served are aerospace, automotive, CNC machine tool, chemical and medical products. We are currently recruiting for a Manufacturing Engineer with a BSME and several years experience with

E/M assembly and automation.


-Work to improve efficiency, productivity, quality and safety
- Reduce manufacturing costs
-  Ensure machines and/or other equipment are set up for new products
- Ensure new products are properly introduced and manufactured efficiently and at a reasonable cost
- Assist in long range planning by forecasting and evaluating staffing and manufacturing costs
- Ensure existing product lines are maintained at specified levels
- Develop new or modify existing manufacturing processes

- Forecast and evaluate staffing and manufacturing costs
- Provide technical support
- Assist Design Engineering and Sales department
-Purchase and install new equipment or modifications.
- Build and assemble new or modified production equipment as required
- Identify and implement improvements in safety, quality, productivity and costs
- Evaluate causes of manufacturing problems and assist in problem resolution
- Design and prepare drawings of new equipment or modifications to existing equipment to improve safety, production efficiency, etc.
- Develop tooling for new processes and evaluate existing tooling with vendors.  Assist in maintenance and improvement of such tooling
- For all new equipment in the Assembly and Parts Manufacturing areas: provides specification, cost justifications, sourcing, purchase recommendations, testing, training and coordination of installation

- Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical, Manufacturing or Industrial Engineering
- Experience with PLC programming
- Extensive knowledge of production control systems that include quality, equipment, material handling and manufacturing costs
- 3+ years of experience in a manufacturing engineer type of role.
- Knowledge and experience of: material handling principles and equipment; automated and manual assembly processes, test equipment and methods; engineering materials and heat treatment; finishing and coating materials and methods; time and motion studies; tooling, jig and fixture design; engineering mechanics, drafting, heat transfer, electrics and electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics; control system principles and equipment; statistical process control