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Kappa Search Inc. is a Chicago staffing agency that specializes in engineering, manufacturing, operations and management recruitment and placement. We are currently recruiting for a Production Supervisor with automotive components experience.

The incumbent will plan, organize and lead the production area to ensure compliance with corporate goals as stated in the Business Plan for Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Teamwork.

The incumbent will manage the operation in accordance with corporate policies and procedures by delegating work to the team leaders and utilizing the support staff, such as engineering, skill trades, accounting, purchasing, quality, and human resources as needed.

  1. Manage individual and team skill learning, leading to individual employee and department continuous improvement.
  2. Encourage employee involvement by facilitating team critical thinking, problem solving and decision making.
  3. Facilitate team communication and conflict resolution including team learning of process or interpersonal skills.
  4. Evaluate teamwork and provide feedback, including providing opportunities for team critiques and encouraging members to monitor and correct their own work.
  5. Participate in teamwork day activities as discussed between incumbent and direct supervisor.
  6. Maintain safety, ergonomic, and environmental compliance within OSHA, ISO 14000 and mandated regulations.
  7. Effectively employ the aforementioned accountabilities to insure a union-free environment.
  8. Support and insure process improvements and new process introductions are implemented to meet quality, cost and timing objectives.

This position is challenged by having a 3 shift operation(s) that he/she is responsible for managing.

  • Ensure 100% compliance with Safety, Housekeeping, Process Set-up & Validation, Material Identification, Control Plans, Gage Calibration, Non-Conforming/Discrepant Material & Change Notice.
  • A written process must be documented for each of the processes and an audit/feedback method must be used to ensure all team members comply with the requirements for each process.
  • Improve quality as measured in defects/million each year. Quality improvement is achieved through 100% compliance with the plant processes followed by definable actions based knowledge gained by mastering the skill of the 8-D problem solving process.
  • Ensures compliance with 100% on-time delivery to weekly schedule.
  • Delivery compliance is achieved through knowledge of process flow, constraint theory, up-time management and capacity planning.
  • Productivity improvement is achieved when team members are effectively utilized while applying the two principles of waste elimination and increasing throughput.
  • Demonstrates the desire to learn and grow.
  • Lead by example and be driven by teamwork.