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•  Develop and maintain customer relations, co-ordinate and be a liaison with internal resources to ensure effective customer service, as well as provide telephone support to customer maintenance staff
•  Troubleshoot and make correction s as required to all control systems, calibrate machine to achieve optimum performance, and set up and maintain machines
•  Order replacement parts, troubleshoot and diagnose problems with any control system, develop organized approach to solving machine problems, repair/replace parts as required
•  Provide regular and effective written reports
•  Instruct service technicians and/or customer operators on the maintenance and safe operation of injection molding systems
•  Provide telephone support to customer maintenance staff or customer operators.
•  Provide guidance and/or on-the-job training to junior Service Technicians
•  To provide regular and effective written reports to the Service Manager
•  Level machine, check and correct parallelism of platens
•  Ensure that injection unit nozzle is concentric with locating ring in stationary platen
•  Ensure that all services (electrical, water, air and oils) are properly installed
•  Check phase rotation of motors
•  Dry cycle machine(s), operate controls and verify all functions and pressures.
•  Install mold(s) into machine(s)
•  Ensure that tie-bar stretch is within tolerance
•  Set up robot and End of Arm Tool(s)
•  Set up product handling equipment
•  Verify hook-up of auxiliary equipment such as chillers, thermolators, dryers, hopper loaders, mixers/blenders, and gas-assist equipment
•  Troubleshoot and make corrections as required to all control systems; hydraulic system, mechanical system, pneumatic system, electrical and electronic system and the programmable controls
•  Adjust process variables as required in order to produce parts of acceptable quality
•  Calibrate/fine tune machine to achieve optimum performance
•  Trouble-shoot and diagnose any problems with any of the control systems
•  Develop an organized approach to solving machine problems by use of all available reference materials including manuals, drawings, procedures, etc
•  Repair and/or replace any component on machine, robot, product handling equipment and mold as required

•  Electrical/Mechanical Technologist or equivalent

•  3 to 5 years of injection molding troubleshooting experience


•  S5DOS, 5TI, CLC, RCM, GE Fanuc, and Polaris knowledge
•  Knowledge of blueprints and schematics to troubleshoot electrical/electronic, hydraulic and mechanical systems
•  Good communication skills
•  Knowledge of plastic processing
•  Knowledge of injection molding processing
•  Understanding of injection molding process
•  Ability to troubleshoot problems systematically
•  Ability to rebuild an injection and clamp unit
•  Knowledge of microprocessor programming
•  Must be able to work from blueprints and schematics to troubleshoot electrical/electronic, hydraulic, and mechanical systems
•  You are able to level a machine and a robot, to adjust nozzle concentricity, platen parallelism, and tie-bar stretch
•  Must possess a minimum knowledge of S5DOS, 5TI, CLC, RCM and GE Fanuc, Polaris
•  Knowledgeable in materials such as PET, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Styrene and other materials common in the region
•  Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and strong customer service orientation
•  Tact and diplomacy (i.e. must possess the ability to handle difficult/unhappy customers)
•  Demonstrated initiative-taker with a positive attitude
•  Dedicated team player
•  Travel survival skills due to extensive travel required in this position
•  Knowledge of a second language an asset