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Kappa Search Inc. is a Chicago recruiting firm that specializes in manufacturing, engineering, operations and maintenance recruitment and placement. We are currently recruiting for a Plant Facility Engineer for a major automotive client.

Plant Facility Engineer


* ‎Project management ‎- ‎electrical‎, ‎mechanical‎, ‎structural‎

* ‎Plant power distribution system ‎- ‎monitoring and repair‎

* ‎Simplex fire alarm system management‎

* ‎UPS power supply unit‎

* ‎Utilities budgeting and reporting‎

* ‎Will direct Energy Management program ‎- ‎monitoring and programming‎

* ‎Lighting systems management‎

* ‎AutoCad program ‎- ‎responsible for plant drawings electrical and mechanical‎

* ‎Equipment installation engineering‎

* ‎Compressed air system monitoring and repair‎

* ‎Building and equipment design ‎/ ‎spec‎

* ‎Facility equipment repair‎

* ‎Plant fire protection systems repair and compliance‎

* ‎Building construction‎

* ‎Road and parking lot maintenance and repair‎

Required Skills‎:

* ‎Bachelors of Science Engineering Degree ‎(‎BSME‎, ‎BSMET‎, ‎BSEE ‎etc‎.)‎

* ‎6 ‎years industrial engineer experience‎

* ‎Strong Power Distribution experience and skills‎

* ‎Project Mangement Skills‎

* ‎Basic experience required in Windows and MS Office‎

* ‎Intermediate experience required in AutoCAD‎

* ‎Compressed air systems knowledge‎

* ‎Fire protection monitoring systems knowledge‎

* ‎Knowledge of HVAC equipment operation and repair‎

Preferred Requirements:

* ‎Simplex ‎4100 ‎Fire Protection System Knowledge‎

* ‎NW ‎8000 ‎Energy Management System Knowledge‎

* ‎Project Management Experience‎