Supply Chain employment/careers: Packaging Engineer

Your Life As a Packaging Design Engineer in Supply Chain employment/careers.

Imagine you wake up one morning to find your box of Cheerios was empty, and as crazy as this might sound, have a little panic attack.  You don’t want your entire cardiovascular system to collapse like a wet noodle because of the lack of the advertised benefits.  So you rush to the corner supermarket looking for your fix, but it isn’t there.  Sure, you could buy a new big box, a gallon of milk and maybe pilfer a Styrofoam bowl and a spoon from the deli section, but then what?  Drive around for eight hours while the gallon of milk spoils?  There is simply no time to go back home and store it in the fridge.

So you have a thought:  ”Why don’t they (whoever “they” are) make an emergency breakfast Cheerios kit:  a bowl of Cheerios packaged with an eight ounce milk pouch and a spoon?  It just seems so needed in this age of ‘If you ain’t got it now – there ain’t no time to get it!”

As this great idea rolls around in your head like a marble, you come upon the career called a Packaging Engineer.  As it turns out, these are the genius minds who design and test such brainstorms as your Cheerios Emergency Kit.

So you see, everything works with moving parts like a well made Swiss watch. Someone identifies a need, which often is a glitch in the  supply chain, and the engineering professional satisfies the need.

Presently there is no position more valuable than a Packaging Engineer who could get you out of that supermarket without a gallon of milk strapped to your waist for the next eight hours or sitting in a restaurant waiting for your bowl of cereal.

Kappa Search Incorporated is looking for a creative Packaging Engineer to help solve the glitches in the supply chain like you experienced this morning.  Check it out. It might be the best thing you will do today!