U.S. economy continually demonstrates growth

The U.S. economy added over 200,000 jobs in July, according to MSNBC, accounting for 198,000 new private sector jobs while the 11,000 new jobs occurred in the private sector.

Steady growth in national economy
The U.S. economy witnessed six months of impressive growth, adding 200,000 jobs each month in the first half of 2014, according to the source. This is the first time this has happened since 1997. Many industry and economic experts look at these figures with delight – satisfied to see a more robust and improving economy. Manufacturing is one of these sources of growth. Many cities, such as Houston, have witnessed a dynamic and fertile level of economic growth in this sector. 

Economic growth shows signs of being long-lasting
"The job market has moved from a 'fake recovery,' with unemployment falling due to people abandoning the labor force, to a real recovery of steady 200,000-plus payroll gains," said Ethan Harris, a global economist at Merrill Lynch, Reuters reported. 

The faith of experts in the gains the economy has made continues to contribute to a strengthened work-force. For example, manufacturing companies may now be able to pursue objectives that were arduous during the years following the recession.

Manufacturing industry among beneficiaries of economic growth
The July jobs report looks especially good for the manufacturing industry, according to Reuters. The number of individuals working for the manufacturing industry have consecutively increased for 12 months. The total number of people that entered the manufacturing industry in July was 28,000.

The manufacturing industry is watched ardently by experts, especially as the Obama Administration and various states across the U.S. work to establish plans that will help the manufacturing industry flourish in the U.S. – this is being done by promoting job training and other innovative ideas and technology that will provide an impetus for the industry.

While this figure may seem to have significance solely for those working in the industry, this is far from the case. Cities like Houston that have strong manufacturing industries have helped to contribute to the economy of the city as a whole, helping to improve the city's residential prospects, not to mention the various other benefits a robust economy brings such as affordable goods and the widespread ability to acquire housing.

Manufacturing recruiters are focusing their efforts in cities like Houston and other major U.S. cities to seek out the best workers.