Sales/Marketing Recruiting

It is understandable why locating and sourcing experienced sales professionals can sometimes be a difficult process. With the rise of e-commerce over the last several years, more businesses continue to transcend physical boundaries and reach. That is why companies rely so heavily on talented and knowledgeable sales and marketing professionals to meet their needs and act as the backbone to their success. While a high level of experience is desired, this is easier said than found. Businesses can certainly peruse various job boards, hold one-on-one interviews, and conduct background checks, but all of these variables are not only daunting but also time-consuming for a company. That is where Kappa Search’s seasoned and reliable sales and marketing recruiters come in. When businesses enlist the services of recruiters, they not only help to find professional and knowledgeable candidates for open roles, but they also help to speed up the hiring process. This is incredibly important as a means to decrease the chances of a company losing great candidates to their competitors.

Businesses are consistently expanding in Texas which makes the need for professionals with expertise ever more paramount and essential toward the success and survival of these companies. As the first point of contact, it is essential, and is our duty, to find the right sales and marketing employees to represent a company’s brand. Our recruiters know that being successful in sales is more than just about charisma and technical knowledge. We recruit passionate and dedicated sales professionals who understand and appreciate the nuances of both markets and individuals. The Kappa Search team of sales and marketing recruiters can hugely impact the hiring and screening process by streamlining those steps in an efficient and organized fashion.

Kappa Search sales & marketing recruiters find experienced workers

When a business decides to utilize Kappa Search recruiters for their hiring needs, they have made the first great step toward locating and retaining stellar employees. Our sales & marketing recruiters are always on the search for experts in the Texas area, and, in doing so, take pride in providing extraordinary services (from both the candidate and client dimension). Kappa Search recruiters know that the sales & marketing landscape is evolving and can be, at times, in flux, so we are always on the lookout for potential new hires who have competitive and up-to-date skills. Some of the sales & marketing positions we recruit for include, but are not limited to, the following:

Areas of Expertise
  • V.P. of Sales
  • National Sales Manager
  • Director of Sales
  • Business Development Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Account Executive
  • Sales Representative
  • Account Manager
  • Territory Representative

The Kappa Search recruitment process is thorough, reliable, and efficient and is implemented for one purpose alone: to find the absolute best possible candidates for a sales or marketing company. Our recruiters will examine a potential candidate’s previous professional experience, skill-set, and references to help make a fit that is right for the company, and one that is right for the candidate. Since Kappa Search understands and appreciates both ends of the recruiting business, client and candidate can be seamlessly united whereby both parties can greatly benefit.