Active Network, LLC brings 1,000 new jobs to Dallas

An investment of $8.6 million by the Texas Enterprise Fund brought Active Network, LLC to Dallas, according to a statement from the Texas governor's office. Active Network is currently located in San Diego, California, but is moving to Dallas because of the financial assistance. The company plans to use the relocation as an opportunity to find new talent and improve their operational success.

Active Network specializes in cloud-based software. The company's move to Dallas will bring with it 1,000 jobs in various fields, including engineering, research and development and administration. The company is also expected to consolidate its Irving, California, office to Dallas in the future, according to the Dallas Business Journal.

"Texas' strong job creation climate has allowed our economy to grow, attracting high tech companies, investment and jobs in Texas," Texas Gov. Rick Perry said. "This TEF investment is another example of Texas' growing stature as a tech leader, and will further strengthen Dallas' growing economy."

A sister company to Active Network, Omnitracs may also be making the move to Dallas. Active Network was recently purchased by Vista Equity Partners, which also owns Omnitracs, the Dallas Business Journal reported. Vista Equity Partners has a history of moving businesses to Texas. If Omnitracs is relocated to Dallas, this will mean another 1,000 jobs for the area.

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