Alabama improves its manufacturing footprint

In June, Alabama only received a B- in its manufacturing sector, measured by the Center for Business and Economic Research. However, this was before two new factories were announced to be built in Alabama, which might change the results of the report next year.

One factory owned by Science and Engineering Service (SES) is expanding in Huntsville. The company will invest almost $70 million to increase its operations along with demand, improving and renovating the facility. The company will add hangar bays, office spaces, a new parking lot and an additional helipad to further its aim to support such customers that may need helicopter access(i.e. the U.S. military).

Once the company finishes its expansion, the factory space will be 1.3 million square feet, including all four of the facilities it owns in Huntsville. The company will also add an additional 450 jobs.

SES is a company that services airplanes. This includes both military and civilian craft, requiring a multitude of different professionals with many diverse skill sets.

"We are very excited about the expansion of our SES facilities and projected employment growth for Huntsville, Madison County and North Alabama," said, J. Sinclair, CEO of SES. "SES will continue to provide great support to our current customers but we will also be bringing in some new key programs supporting the Department of Defense, aircraft original equipment manufacturers, and foreign military customers."

Another aerospace company expanding in Alabama
GKN, a global manufacturing company that specializes in aerospace, will be opening a new factory in its engineering center located in Tallassee, Alabama. This site will be home to its Advanced Composite Structures facility, where the company will employ people to create composite aerostructures. The company currently has 1,000 employees, and the building is 380,000 square feet, Even more people will work there once the company finishes expanding.

"Our new composites design engineering center enables a vital expansion of the design/development engineering support we provide to our customers, significantly increasing the number of highly skilled engineering personnel based at our growing Alabama facility," said Daniele Cagnatel CEO of GKN Aerospace – North America.

The site will initially focus on designing and building composites for rotorcraft such as helicopters. However, it will gradually focus on other projects as it expands, recruiting locally and from around the country.

Cagnatel praised the state of Alabama as well as the city of Tallassee for making it easy to work in the area and grow GKN's business.

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