ArcBest to build new facility in Fort Smith, Arkansas

ArcBest Corporation announced it's executed a contract to purchase land located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, which will be home to it's new corporate facility, according to a company statement. ArcBest provides transportation and logistic solutions and has outgrown its current Fort Smith, Arkansas, location. Since 2012, the company has leased additional office space in another location.

To provide room for it's current needs and future growth, the company is under contract to buy 40 acres of land, the company stated. The total investment, including the purchase price and cost of constructing the building, will be approximately $30 million.

Once completed, the new facility will be home to the ABF Logistics employees, and the ABF Freight System Inc. and ArcBest Technologies divisions will remain at their current facility. By moving the logistics portion of the company to the new location, ArcBest provides room for growth at their existing building.

This expansion will help ArcBest attain its goal of reaching $3 billion in revenue by 2015, the company said. In 2013, the company reached a revenue of $2.3 billion.

ArcBest anticipates the growth will create 975 new jobs in the Fort Smith area by 2021.

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