Asahi Kasei Plastics North America set to open a new facility in Alabama

Asahi Kasei Plastics North America is opening its second U.S. production facility in Limestone County, Alabama, according to the Alabama Department of Commerce. The company plans to invest $30 million to establish a new plant that will process plastic resin into pellets to be sold to plastic molding manufacturers that create furniture, pools, industrial equipment, auto parts and more.

The new facility is important to the company's operations strategy and its presence in the South because of the areas growth in the automotive industry, according to John Moyer, president of Asahi Kasei Plastics.

Alabama is an ideal choice because it's adjacent to the southeastern auto industry corridor, according to Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley.

"Alabama's automotive supplier base continues to grow as companies find that Alabama is the best place to locate operations, to expand, and to live,"  Bentley said.

Asahi Kasei Plastics will work with Limestone County officials and the Alabama Department of Commerce on the construction of its new facility, the Alabama Department of Commerce reported. The Alabama Department of Commerce has agreed to extend local infrastructure, including railways, to the company's location.

The company expects to employ 100 workers at its facility once it's fully operational.

Companies opening new facilities should partner with operations and manufacturing recruiters to fill their open positions.