Best Employment Opportunities for Finance and Accounting

The Best Opportunities in Finance and Accounting Jobs

Another year of schooling has passed, and a fresh group of new graduates have now entered the workforce. So what are the most ideal jobs in the world of finance and accounting? What are some key points to look for in a finance or accounting job? Are paid internships available in this field, or is an internship even necessary? Let’s look at some key points to determine what is the best option for those seeking careers in finance and accounting.

On the subject of internships (especially paid internships!), it is always important to do some quality research and ask around for which companies offer internship opportunities. Students should consult both their career services departments and the finance companies themselves for any and all opportunities in this field. Students should also ask important questions such as:

  • Is this internship a paid opportunity?
  • Will their be potential advancement (as in an entry-level job opportunity) in the future?
  • What do the internship and job entail?
  • How will this apply as a credit to my schooling?
  • What will I learn through this opportunity?

Asking these important questions and others will help with finding the right opportunity in finance. An internship is a great way to get a foot in the door towards a steady career in finance. For some folks, it is indeed worth the time and effort.

As for the best in career opportunities in the fields of accounting and finance, new graduates need to ask those questions as well as a few more; the most noted being what the average pay is like, what the average day is like, and what is included in the benefits package. For those seeking higher paying finance jobs, the best options out there are a tie between accountant and auditor. Both earn median incomes of up to $55,000 out of college and are entry-level positions. Those who graduate with an MBA have potential to earn a higher income. This, however, is subject to vary as per company.

In short, newly graduated students seeking full-time work, part-time work, or internships in the field of finance should always start the process with researching the best options for themselves. Finance and accounting jobs are a hot market right now, so don’t wait! Get started searching for the finance career of your dreams today!