Business inventories up in January

Even though retail sales decreased in January, inventories for businesses actually increased. Across the U.S., inventories increased by 0.5 percent during January, according to the Commerce Department. This is a slight gain from November's increase of 0.4 percent.

Although warehouses were being stocked at a faster pace in January, sales during the month did not equal the amount of product businesses had. Sales fell by 0.1 percent for retailers, which has some experts worried about the economy.

Companies that stockpiled their inventories towards the end of 2013, may see declines for their businesses. The decline in sales and an overabundance of goods may mean the economy's growth will slow down during the first quarter of 2014, according to The Associated Press.

To catch up with the overabundance of warehouses and comparing to December's sales pace, it would take businesses 1.30 months to clear their shelves, according to Reuters.

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