Chattanooga Coca-Cola Bottling Company to build new facility

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. will continue its 115-year-old relationship with Chattanooga, Tenn., by building a new, larger facility. The local company has outgrown its current facility in Chattanooga and announced it will build a new distribution center in the city. 

The facility will retain the 270 local jobs as well as create 43 more positions. The average yearly salary of the workers at the distribution facility in 2013 was $50,250, according to the Times Free Press.

"The Chattanooga story is actually a collection of tens of thousands of individual stories," Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke stated. "By creating 43 new jobs here, you're going to change the stories for 43 people in our community. And we can't underestimate that."

The Chattanooga Coca-Cola Bottling Company United is a division of Coca-Cola and is based in Birmingham, Ala. It's one of three production facilities for Coca-Cola in the U.S. The company expects to break ground on the new 305,000-square-foot facility soon, and operations at the plant should begin within 16 to 18 months of breaking ground.

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