Coming trends for manufacturing recruiters to be aware of

When it comes to manufacturing practices, innovations are always being implemented that serve to streamline operations and make the building process a more efficient one. Because of these changes, workers are beginning to develop new skills that manufacturing recruiters need to be on the lookout for when mining for candidates.

However, in order to make sourcing efforts more effective, recruiters looking to fill industry positions must first understand the changes taking place within the industrial sector. By developing a level of clarity with respect to the kinds of advancements being made in the industrial arena, finding the best candidates available that can come in and do a good job from day one becomes a much easier process for staffing professionals.

Manufacturing trends to be aware of
Technology has worked to improve almost every area of life. When it comes to the world of business, a number of solutions have been implemented that completely reshaped the way companies operate. The manufacturing sector is no different. Automation is one area of advancement that has made the industrial sector much more streamlined and efficient. However, this has not eliminated the need for experienced professionals to come in and operate certain kinds of machinery.

An infographic from listed eight trends that either have taken place or will be seen in the near future that manufacturing recruiters should begin to follow in order to be successful in their candidate sourcing efforts:

  • 3-D printing: This is one area that has garnered a lot of attention simply because of how groundbreaking it is. The McKinsey Global Institute stated that 3-D printing machines will soon be a disruptive force in the world of technology and will essentially reshape the global economy. Manufacturing recruiters should begin to develop pipelines of candidates who have experience programming these machines as they are expected to be in demand in the future.
  • Crowdsourcing: This innovation may seem out of place when it comes to the building of things like cars and other forms of machinery. However, companies are beginning to gather outside-the-box ideas from consumers using platforms like social media. Identifying candidates who are experienced using social networks and who can turn ideas into something tangible will be beneficial to recruiters working in the manufacturing industry.
  • IoT integration: The Internet of Things is a revolutionary idea of outfitting physical objects with sensors connected to the Web which will deliver helpful data back to the manufacturer or another entity assigned to monitor these transmissions as a way to be proactive in developing solutions or quickly reacting to problems. Candidates with IoT experience will become a valuable asset to companies in the near future.

Manufacturing hiring set to increase
It is innovations such as the ones previously listed, along with others, that have companies preparing to add more staff in advance of changes to the way they operate. According to a report from Staffing Industry Analysts, hiring in the industrial sector is expected to increase significantly in the coming months.

The website, citing data from research conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, stated that 56.8 percent of manufacturing companies planned to add staff in September of this year. Additionally, only 6.3 percent of organizations had the intention of reducing their payrolls during the same period. However, despite this slight shrinkage in the workforce, the manufacturing sector experienced a net gain of 50.5 percent in September '14, as opposed to 39.5 percent just one year ago.

Recruiters that staff positions in the industrial sector should begin preparing for additional needs that will inevitably become available by identifying a wide range of candidates with varying skillsets in order to easily make placements when needed.