Corporate Controllers in Employment Demand

Why A Corporate Controller Is Such A Desirable Accounting Job

If you’re interested in an accounting career but aren’t sure where to focus, consider becoming a corporate controller. This career (otherwise known as a comptroller) is among the highest paid, enjoyable, and most promising of all accounting jobs.

Typical Salary

Before going into the duties of a corporate controller, it’s worth knowing what kind of salary you can expect. The salary and job outlook for this career are incredible. The national average salary for corporate controllers is about $130,000 per year, though this number will vary depending on the area in which you live.

Required Duties

A corporate controller is in charge of all aspects of a company’s accounting department. They are essentially a manager and policymaker that works to ensure that a company’s accounting structure is logical, easy to understand, and competently executed. Typical duties include:

  • Creating unified accounting policies and procedures for your company
  • Managing all aspects of the accounting department, including creating a strong structure and finding people who can execute your goals
  • Making sure all accounts are paid on time
  • Finding discounts on payments that can help your company saves money
  • Reconciling all concerns with the bank
  • Charting all accounts and filing them properly
  • Creating financial statements and annual reports
  • Gauging all debts to ensure they are paid off
  • Complying with all filing regulations

A corporate controller is the face of the accounting department, and must work hard to make sure that everything is done properly, effectively, and legally.

Any accounting concern that pops up is your problem to solve, which makes this a difficult job for many people. However, those who are easy starters and self-motivated often excel in this position.

Now that you know a little about this career, you can make an informed educational decision. It is definitely a demanding position, but one that is highly beneficial and rewarding for the right person.