Dow Chemical to expand Freeport, Texas, operations

The Dow Chemical Company announced it is building an ethylene production facility in Freeport, Texas, according to an official company statement. The purpose of the new plant is to utilize low-cost shale gas feedstocks to grow the business and take advantage of the company's Gulf Coast investments, according to Dow's Chief Executive Officer Andrew N. Liveris. The facility will connect the raw materials to the company's highest-margin downstream businesses.

The company's Dow Texas Operations employs 4,200 workers, and is the company's largest integrated manufacturing site in the world as well as the largest chemical complex in North America, according to the statement. The new facility is part of a multi-billion dollar investment by the corporation, and it will have an annual capacity of 1,500 kilo tonnes of ethylene production.

Dow's investment strategy includes expanding plastics and elastomer facilities as well.

If construction remains on schedule, Dow expects the facility to be up and running in the first half of 2017.

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