Energy industry promoting manufacturing growth

Hydraulic fracturing is bringing many jobs back to the U.S., according to the Durango Herald, in conversation with U.S. Rep Rory Gardner, Y-Yuma. These jobs are not only in the drilling and fracking industry, but also in every other field that touches these industries, such as manufacturing equipment for power companies or processing natural gas.

Company building natural gas plant in Oklahoma
ONEOK is building its newest facility, which will process natural gas, in Oklahoma, according to Area Development. The company will spend between $365 million to $470 million to build the factory. This money includes constructing the plant itself, along with building the necessary infrastructure, such as gas compressors and pipelines. The plant will receive natural gas from the nearby SCOOP play, which is owned by ONEOK and fracked for natural gas. Once the factory is built, it will gradually be expanded as production at the SCOOP play increases.

"This new plant will accommodate increased production of liquids-rich natural gas in the SCOOP play where we have substantial acreage dedications from active producers and will be located in close proximity to the partnership's existing natural gas and natural gas liquids pipelines," said Terry K. Spencer, president and CEO of ONEOK, according to Area Development.

GE Energy Management making a manufacturing center in Florida
Area Development reported that Clearwater will be home to a new facility for making transformers and other instruments for those who want to run their electrical systems and infrastructures. GE will spend $50 million to get this project off the ground, and the total number of jobs created stands at 250.

Florida Governor Rick Scott supports the construction whole-heartedly, believing the company will help to support 250 new workers who might have families. According to Scott, 620,000 private-sector jobs have been created in Florida since December 2010. He hopes to keep this going by having more manufacturing companies come to Florida, according to Area Development.

Many private and public groups interested in boosting the Florida economy and creating jobs manufacturing jobs came together in order to make this factory a possibility. Those groups include Clearwater itself, along with Pinellas County, Duke Energy and Enterprise Florida.

"GE Energy Management's expansion is another win for Florida's resurgent economy and a return on our investment in the state's manufacturing industry," said Jesse Panuccio, the executive director of the Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO).

The Florida DEO was another partner that brought about the factory construction in Florida.

Any companies that want to expand their own manufacturing business should seek manufacturing recruiters to help them in this endeavor.