Guidepoint Systems moving manufacturing to Houston

Guidepoint Systems (GPSi) has begun moving most of its manufacturing operations back to the U.S. GPSi creates GPS-enabled tracking systems for commercial and consumer applications. The systems can track vehicles and monitor drivers behavior, which is particularly important for fleet managers and businesses. It also offers vehicle recovery assistance and roadside assistance through its call center.

The company is moving manufacturing back to full-service facility in Houston. Currently, the customer and technical operations take place in Fort Worth, Texas, and the sales offices are in Madison Heights, Michigan.

GPSi is moving its operations to Houston because of competitive wages, lower transportation costs and the proximity to its customer base. The new location will allow the company to improve its production processes and respond faster to market changes, Area Development reported.

"Several studies are showing a better climate for domestic production, and we feel the reasons for this change will benefit our operations," Chief Technology Officer Tom Gafford said.

Businesses bringing their operations back to the U.S. should work with manufacturing recruiters to find the most skill professionals in their area for their open positions.