Hot Jobs in Finance and Accounting Employment Market

Which Jobs are Hot in the Money Market?: Finance and Accounting jobs

It is 2016 and in our fast-paced, ever-changing society, a job that once was highly desired may not be the same today. Due to many factors including technology and geographical area, a candidate risks unemployment if he/she does not remain abreast of the industry changes. Before deciding on a career path it is always a good rule of thumb to properly research the field, job scope and overall industry one wishes to enter.

Many people confuse the job scopes of a financial type job with an accounting one. Often people assume these two are very similar, when in fact, there are many differences. Finance jobs, for instance, tend to be more analytical and they are mostly concerned with where a company will go in the future. Duties associated with this field can include budgeting, planning, risk assessments and etc. Whereas, accounting jobs are more technical and focused on where a company has financially been in the past. Duties related to these type of jobs include financial reporting, account reconciliations and tax filing, to name a few.

One distinction these fields do happen to share, is the fact that they are both considered business type jobs. According to U.S. News, the most desired jobs for the finance sector would be: Financial Advisor, Financial Manager and Financial Analyst.  In regards to Accounting, this source lists Accountant, Bookkeeping and Audit Clerk as some of the best business positions for this year.

The most desired jobs in business fields do not change as often as some other fields such as technology, sciences and entertainment. At the end of the day a business will always have similar accounting and finance needs. After all, the most important aspect of a business is to maximize profits. These desired careers may change in the future due to the possibility of the job becoming more automated through the use of software or if companies start outsourcing these jobs on a larger scale. Until then the scope of this topic may not change as much.