In-demand skillsets that manufacturing recruiters need to be aware of

The manufacturing and industrial sector has been slowly showing signs of improvement as the economy continues to rebound from the effects of the recession. Companies operating in this particular sector are once again looking to add talent to help their operations continue to push forward. Not only is this good news for the industry as a whole, it's also a positive sign for supplemental staffing recruiters.

When companies have more needs than their internal human resources recruiters can fill, they'll typically look for outside help in the form of staffing agencies specializing in sourcing candidates within their industry. These additional needs can benefit agencies in a number of ways. On the one hand, if placements are made, whether on a temporary or permanent basis, this can mean additional revenue being generated for the organization. However, on the other hand, the most important benefit is the improved relationship between a manufacturing company and its staffing partner.

As more reliable and dependable workers are delivered, the likelihood increases that additional needs will be thrown the agency's way from the organization needing to add to its workforce. That said, it's important for manufacturing recruiters to understand the trends taking place within the industry to help make recruiting efforts better. By making an effort to proactively identify what is taking place now and what is to come in the future, when needs do arise in certain areas, recruiting firms will be able to deliver talent at a moment's notice.

Current trends taking place in the manufacturing sector
The first step in recruiters providing value to their clients is having an understanding of what their needs will be before they even make a request. According to Indeed's most recent data on the current state of the manufacturing industry, the number of open job postings in the sector has increased by 32 percent since August of last year.

The U.S. cities that are looking to bring on the most talent are, in order: New York, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and Dallas. Recruiters staffing in these cities should ideally begin ramping up sourcing efforts to identify candidates that have a broad array of skills in the industrial sector.

Additionally, Indeed listed the job titles and skillsets that are currently in demand within manufacturing. The top five were: Maintenance technician, production supervisor, assembler, field service technician and product manager. Individuals with these experiences are in high demand, and manufacturing recruiters should begin to identify these individuals now as it is likely these needs will eventually come across their desks.

Engineering skills also likely to be in high demand
In addition to the general manufacturing positions listed by Indeed, those with experience in engineering will also soon become a hot commodity in the industrial sector. In a recent report from Recruiting Division, the website listed several trends that will take place within engineering that manufacturing recruiters should keep their eyes open for.

Arguably, the candidate who will be in the highest demand is one who has a background in analytics. As technology continues to advance, more companies are relying heavily on data in their operations. This information is used to highlight and identify areas of inefficiency that can be improved in order to make the business better. However, making sense of what can be extraordinarily large data sets takes a certain amount of skill and experience.

As organizations continue to integrate the use of big data into their operations, candidates with this skill will be sorely needed. Experienced recruiters who want to provide value to their clients should begin looking for these individuals now.