IT and engineering industries see modest job growth

IT and engineering jobs slightly increased in April, according to a study by TechService Alliance. IT jobs rose by 0.28 percent from March to April. From April 2013 to April 2014, IT employment grew by 2.61 percent, which was an addition of 117,900 workers.

Engineering jobs increased by 0.18 percent from March to April and the year-over-year growth rate saw an improvement of 1.74 percent, which meant 42,700 workers were added to the engineering industry.

Certain engineering sectors are adding to the job growth more than others, according to Aerotek​ Staffing Agency. Robotics and healthcare represent large sections of the engineering industry and are creating a demand for educated and skilled workers. Macon, Georgia, and Austin, Texas, are two places with a high demand for robotic skills, according to Aerotek. Other engineering fields are expected to grow as well such as petroleum, biomedical and civil engineering according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

IT and engineering growth has settled into a pattern of modest improvement, according to TechServe Alliance CEO Mark Roberts. He is optimistic that both industries will continue to grow as well in the second and third quarters of 2014.

Roberts' main concern is the skills gap in the IT and engineering industries. He believes a lack of trained candidates could slow growth in both industries.

Businesses with a need for IT specialists and engineers should work with engineering recruiters to find the most qualified candidates. Recruiters can help companies bridge the skills gap by finding workers with the right experience and skills for the open positions.