Kemin Industries to expand Verona, Mo., facility

Kemin Industries, a pet food manufacturer, announced it will expand its facility in Verona, Mo. The endeavor will take approximately five years to complete and amounts to an additional 40,000 square feet of warehouse and production space as well as a $14 million investment, according to a company statement. The purpose of the expansion is to increase Kemin's production capacity at the Verona plant.

The Missouri Department of Economic Development (DED) authorized an economic incentive package for the company, which is helping to fund the expansion project. Kemin needs to meet job creation and investment requirements to receive the incentive worth $300,000.

"Kemin's announcement today is another big win for Missouri," Director of Missouri DED Mike Downing stated. "The company's investment in our state will create good jobs and boost our economy. We're proud to partner with Kemin on its expansion."

The expansion at the Verona plant is expected to create at least 24 new jobs.

Global Expansion
The development of the Verona, Mo., plant is part of a larger expansion of Kemin Industries. The company has been increasing its production around the globe and has purchased a manufacturing plant in Brazil and opened a new facility in Veronella, Italy.

As for its continued expansion in the U.S., Kemin is investing $40 million to increase the size of its corporate headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa. The company also opened a research and development center in Des Moines. When the total expansion plan is complete, Kemin will have opened six new manufacturing plants, three research facilities and finished its upgraded headquarters.

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