Kemira increases its Aberdeen, Mississippi, operations

Kemira, a company that specializes in chemicals and polymers for water-related industries, is investing $13.9 million into expanding its dry polymer manufacturing business in Aberdeen, Mississippi, according to Area Development. The company is based in Finland but acquired a facility in Aberdeen, Mississippi, in 2013.

This is the company's first expansion project in North America and its operations in the U.S. are quickly growing, according to the Memphis Business Journal.

The Mississippi Development Authority provided support for the project by making railroad improvements in the area. The railroad improvements increased the long term capacity of the facility. The Monroe County Board of Supervisors also assisted in the expansion by approving tax exceptions for Kemira.

"By creating these high-tech jobs and growing its dry polymer manufacturing operations here, Kemira is showing the world that great things take place in our state, and Mississippi has the skilled, knowledgeable workforce and supportive business climate needed for innovation and success," Gov. Phil Bryant said.

Kemira already employs 25 workers in Aberdeen, Mississippi, and the expansion will create six new jobs, according to the Memphis Business Journal.

Businesses like Kemira that are breaking into the U.S. job market should work with operations and manufacturing recruiters to find the most skilled candidates for their open positions.