Maverick Arms expands its Eagle Pass, Texas, plant

Subsidiary of Mossberg Corps., Maverick Arms, Inc. is expanding its Eagle Pass, Texas, manufacturing facility through a $3.4 million investment, according to Area Development. The Eagle Pass plant has been operating since 1989, and the new growth will enable Maverick Arms to consolidate production at the facility and meet growing demand.

The Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF), which was founded in 2003 to help Texas businesses create more jobs in the state, is investing $300,000 into Maverick Arms to aid in its expansion, according to an announcement from Texas Gov. Rick Perry. TEF has invested more than $560 million into Texas businesses to generate approximately 74,800 new jobs since 2003.

Maverick Arm's decision to expand in Texas is because of the law taxes, fair courts and skilled workforce, according to Area Development. The expansion of the Eagle Pass plant will create 50 new jobs in the San Antonio, Texas, area.

"Last month's outstanding jobs gains are further proof that Texas continues to be a national leader in job creation for employers of all sizes and across all industries," Gov. Perry said.

Businesses expanding their operations in Texas should work with manufacturing recruiters to find the most qualified candidates for their open positions.