New CAD Technology for Engineering and Product Development

What is new in CAD systems for engineering & product development

CAD has recently revolutionized the way engineers, architects, and construction (EAC) professionals design products and make industrial plans. It has completely digitized the design process. Initially, the design process was a time and labor intensive process but with the CAD systems, the process has been streamlined.

The latest development in CAD has radically changed the interaction between the designers and the designs themselves. One of those most recent developments is the use of hand gestures in object manipulation in 3D design. The gestures are in the real physical space, and they have great potential of replacing the traditional mouse and keyboard interface. The hand and body gesture design tools allow designers to be fully engaged in the design project; they become part of the project.

Motion trackers and gestural input devices are used in gestural 3D CAD models. With the help of these products, an interaction is created between the users hands and the software interface. By making use of the sensitivity of input in the gestural input devices and understanding the software applications, one can map routine gestural motions to the commonly used tools.

This new field of gestural design gives room to innovative creation capabilities between the designer and the product within the design software.  These gestural input devices give the designers flexibility to create conventional definitions. The descriptions take the user’s fingers and hand palm as inputs to control the camera in the design software. At the same time, it manipulates the geometry in a more interactive manner than the mouse/keyboard input currently widely used.