Recent Manufacturing Trends

Recent manufacturing industry trends

There are 6 recent manufacturing industry trends. They are e-commerce, advanced analytics, robotics, clean factories, security, and logistics efficiency. Let’s explore each one more closely.

E-Commerce solutions are within the reach of manufacturers now. E-Commerce allows manufacturers to sell directly to the consumer. They can integrate their systems with their dealer’s systems for quicker inventory updates which lead to increased sales.

Advanced analytics increases the breadth of data available to measure and improve operations. This leads to improved quality, more accurate demand forecasts, and improved equipment uptime. It’s eventually expected to lead to distributed manufacturing.

Manufacturing continues to automate and robots make it possible. Industrial robots are now smarter and more versatile, able to perform more tasks. Sales of industrial robots nearly doubled between 2010 and 2014. China drives some of this growth, with a massive push to automate its manufacturing base.

Dirty factories are a thing of the past with robotic automation, 3D printing, and other advanced technologies. Manufacturers present themselves as clean and modern to attract and retain the skilled talent they now require.

Data security becomes paramount when manufacturers enter e-commerce. They need to test their networks security to defend against cyber attacks. Not only does their intellectual property need defending but their customer’s data as well.

The increased speed of business and complex supply chains means manufacturers need be on their toes to remain competitive. Logistics efficiency is key to keeping up with competitors. Logistics efficiency encompasses maximum factory floor space utilization, devising warehouse space and using the best web-based transportation tools.