SEAL Innovations to open a facility in Danville, Virginia

North Carolina-based business, SEAL Innovation, Inc. plans to expand its operations to Danville, Virginia. SEAL innovation has developed a new product for the purpose of improving swimming safety and to reduce the occurrences of drowning.

The SEAL system comes in two main parts: a central monitor and necklace-like device worn by the swimmers and a lifeguard or parent. The device worn by the swimmers calculate the amount of time the device goes without surfacing and causes an alarm to go off at the central monitor and the lifeguard or parent's device.

The product can be used in salt or fresh water and is designed to come off if it's pulled. The necklace device work for approximately six hours then need to be recharged.

SEAL Innovation, Inc. chose to expand in Danville, Virginia, due to the support it has received from The Launch Place, a business which finds and develops entrepreneurial businesses. SEAL Innovations will receive $250,000 from The Launch Place. It is the third business to be awarded funding from the program this year.

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