Spring after a harsh winter brings economic improvement

The U.S. economy improves as temperatures rise, according to The Associated Press. After two years of reluctant growth, economists expect accelerated progress in 2014. The progress was delayed by a harsh winter across the country, which lowered consumer spending and hiring by businesses.

Now that the harsh winter is receding, economists are again optimistic the rate of growth will increase, the AP reported. They expect the economy to expand at a rate of 3 percent or more from April to June.

The Conference Board's Leading Economic Index (LEI) has increased for the third straight month in March and now sits at 100.9. This is a 0.8 percent increase from February. The LEI is based on numerous indicators such as employment, consumer confidence, stocks and interest rates.

A significant factor for the growth is a boost in manufacturing. After manufacturing declined in January, production rose 0.5 percent in March, up again from a 1.4 percent increase in February.

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