Students in Oregon’s Jackson County get job offers

Communities are always looking for ways to advance their economic development and retain students after graduation. Jackson County, Oregon, may have found a way to keep these scholars in the area by offering them jobs.

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners recently voted to allow the county to make professional-level job offers to students. The county hopes to attract students studying for degrees in mental health services and social work. A recent budget approval has set the coming fiscal year budget at $328 million for a new district attorney's office and the hiring of at least 100 mental health care workers, reported the Mail Tribune.

The 2010 Affordable Care Act makes preventative services and treatment for mental health equivalent to the services provided for physical health. This increase in services has created a growing demand for mental health care workers and Jackson County recognizes that need. 

The county will also be looking to hire a few other positions, including victims assistance workers, development employees and surveyors.

Locating the most qualified candidates for the mental health positions will not be an easy task for Jackson County's Health and Human Services Department, though. Contacting students and other accomplished candidates would be easier with the help of a recruiter.