Supply chain and procurement initiative gets start in Scotland

A supply chain and procurement training program, run by the University of Glasgow, was recently started in Scotland and is being referred to as the "industry academy," the first of its kind, according to Supply Management. 

The program will help students learn about what the supply chain and procurement workplace is like. The university has brought in the expertise of professionals in the industry to best calibrate the program to help students learn extensively about how to perform in supply chain and procurement jobs, noted the source. 

The industry currently employs a significant amount of workers in Scotland – 115,000 people currently work in the industry, in 12,400 companies. As this is a large chunk of the economy, training will help benefit the industry, the source reported.

There's also a need for high-level positions in the supply chain industry – The Wall Street Journal reported executives in the supply chain industry are often sought after due to the pressures of the global economy. Brad Berke, Managing Partner of the Global Supply Chain & Operations Practice, noted the supply chain is a important aspect of a business, one that has influence over the holistic practices of a company, according to the source.

Manufacturing recruiters will find many positive elements in supply chain and procurement employees.