Supply Chain & Big Data Industries Face Talent Shortage

Are You Ready for Supply Chain Industry Talent Shortages?

The needs of the supply chain industry are shifting rapidly. Globalization is already creating a strain. Increased dependence on new and emerging technologies and the need for Big Data are threatening to leave supply chain managers with understaffed and under equipped departments. Last spring the Wall Street Journal predicted seismic shifts in supply chain industry hiring practices. Businesses are slowly waking up to this new reality. Now is the time to get out ahead of the trend. Here are some ideas to help get started.

Make sure supply chain has a highly visible place in your organization. Supply chain is often relegated to the basement or off site in warehouses and a victim of the old adage, “Out of sight, out of mind.” As supply chain management becomes more integral to the organization this attitude will no longer suffice. Highlight the positive impacts a properly run supply chain department offers to you organization. Make sure that the supply chain department knows they have support from the c-suite.

Offer opportunities for continuing education and professional certifications. Supply chain management has moved beyond counting widgets and signing off on delivery forms. The supply chain environment is increasingly technological and will be on the bleeding edge of corporate metrics for the foreseeable future. Make sure that your supply chain team can keep up. Partner with local colleges to find courses in database administration, data management, and the newest hardware and software. Encourage supply chain employees to seek education in the latest technology.

Look for gaps. Any gaps you currently have in your supply chain operations will only get worse. Companies are beginning to wake up to the future shortages and will soon be competing over the already dwindling number of qualified supply chain people. A gap in your supply chain department now will be a liability in the near future. A strong, flexible supply chain workforce is essential now and will soon be an undeniable competitive advantage.

Do not wait for the impending supply chain talent shortages to catch up. Get out ahead of them. Make supply chain operations an essential part of your business plan now and cultivate an educated, flexible supply chain department.