Technology & Innovation in the Classroom

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These days, elementary through high school students have greater access to technology in the classroom, with many schools providing their students with tablets and laptops for their studies. Major companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon are investing more into education, thus giving students and teachers greater access to learning. The reason behind this seemingly sudden change from dusty textbooks to laptops and mobile devices in the classroom is because of several key factors.

One such key factor is that more students are already using smart devices in their daily lives. Even third graders these days carry a smartphone of some kind in their bags and back pockets! Because of this, schools have decided to give students greater access to laptops and tablets as well, albeit strictly monitored access. This is also to aid students whose families cannot afford technology for their personal homes, but require it for homework assignments.

To go along with that is greater internet access. Free wifi is available in nearly every store and building students are found at, and most students have found that internet access through wifi creates more freedom and less contention than with traditional broadband usage. Students these days also connect to the internet with 3G and 4G speeds, which are much faster and more plentiful than traditional broadband.

The use of technology in the classroom and during off hours also provides students and teachers greater access to having questions answered about assignments. Students have the opportunity to text their teachers during the later hours about an assignments, whereas in the past the only options were to come in before class began or to email the teacher.

For teachers, companies such as Amazon offer Amazon Inspire, a site in which teachers have access to thousands of quality lesson plans at no cost to them if they are a member. With that, teachers are given new ways to teach a class of students that may also register with the students more than with traditional textbooks alone. Technology also proves better than textbooks due to continually updated information that students find useful; this is a big plus for teachers and students.

Technology in the classroom used to be a dream for the future. What was once a foreign idea met with a lot of backlash is now a modern day trend that is engaging k-12 students with learning like never before. Without a doubt, this is preparing them for a technological future.