Tennessee welcomes FIT USA’s new manufacturing facility

East Tennessee is now home to the new manufacturing plant of Footwear Industries Tennessee, Inc., known as FIT USA, according to NBC affiliate WBIR. The plant has officially opened in Jefferson City, Tennessee, nine months after the China-based company first announced it's plans to establish a facility in the state.

FIT USA invested $5.4 million into the 40,000-square-foot building previously owned and operated by BAE Systems. The plant will make men's leather boots and shoes and it's first order is Kraftsman work boots for Sears.

According to the company, the Tennessee plant is only the first of many in the U.S. because it expects to triple business in the next two years. FIT USA hopes to produce 25 percent of all shoes that are made in the U.S. within two years.

The company is looking to hire approximately 60 more people in the next three months to fill out their workforce, according to ABC affiliate WATE.

Companies establishing facilities in the U.S. should work with local manufacturing recruiters to fill their new open positions. The businesses can focus on establishing facilities while the recruiters focus on funding the most skilled and qualified candidates for the jobs.