Texas manufacturing improves for 12 straight months

The Texas Manufacturing Outlook Survey conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas found manufacturing in the state rose for the 12th month in a row. The Federal Reserve surveyed 109 manufacturers in Texas between April 15 and April 23. The companies were asked to share data regarding output, employment, orders, prices and other economic indicators.

The general business activity index for April was 11.7 points. The production index, which is a key metric for the state, rose from 17.1 in March to 24.7 in April, which is the highest level the index has seen in four years, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. The new orders index also grew to 21.3 and the capacity utilization index rose to 18.7.

The overall economic outlook for Texas manufacturing is positive, according to the survey. The respondent's outlook improved from 9.1 points in March to 23.4 in April.  Of the companies in the survey, 31.4 percent in April had a positive outlook compared to 22.6 percent in March and those saying their economic outlook worsened lessened from 13.5 percent in March to 8 percent in April. 

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