The Bright Future of the Lean Manufacturing Industry

The bright future of the lean manufacturing industry

Another broken gauge arrives on your desk, the 5th one in as many weeks. It’s part of a large piece of testing equipment your company manufactures and it keeps dying. Tasked with finding the fault and how to fix it, you wonder if there’s a better way. You wish you knew under what conditions customers used this equipment. The gauge exhibits signs of stress. But what kind?

New technology allows companies’ processes to become leaner by answering this question. Machine telematics produced by small data sensors installed in the equipment while in the field tell you the conditions, how it’s being used and where.

In this case, the gauge fails under high temperatures rendering it unsuitable for use in equipment used in the desert. Machine telematics gives you this type of data easily solving your problem.

Your company can immediately execute a change in production to buy or produce a gauge suitable for high-temperature use. Applied immediately to the design process, your company begins work on equipment specialized for use in extreme conditions.

Marketing uses this information to gather more data from customers and apply it. Your company provides more value to the customer who responds by purchasing more equipment.

This is a classic example of the lean maxim learning to see. The technologies increasing customer data availability along with machine telematics allow companies to see where their process is cumbersome or wasteful. And see it quickly. The tools of lean allow them to respond quickly with new, improved processes.

Increasing value to the customer results in happy customers and booming revenues.