Top cities in U.S. for job creation

The U.S. is slowly but surely pulling out of the negative effects of the 2008 recession – as many cities and states across the country are witnessing a large increase in job creation rates. Several cities and states have increasingly become exemplars of these trends, displaying the dynamic effects of job growth throughout the country.

Naples, FL
According to Forbes, Naples is experiencing a healthy rate of job growth. The source noted that the city's rate of job growth is slated to be a little over 4 percent through 2016, as many economists predict a bright future for the city. 

The source suggested that the impetus behind the city's economic improvement was wealthy retirees, who have helped increase spending on consumer goods. Another factor is the uptick in tourism that resulted from a better economy – more people have time to travel to picturesque locations such as Naples.

Austin, TX
The source noted that Austin, a university town famed for being the site of the University of Texas at Austin, is just behind Naples for the cities with the best prospects for economic growth in the U.S. Many of these jobs are in the tech industry – IBM and Dropbox have announced business extensions in the area, according to the source. 

The CEO of Websense spoke about the options for jobs in Austin.

"The city is quickly becoming a technology hub with an invigorating quality of life and multi-tiered workforce that fits well into our future plans," said CEO John McCormack, according to the source.

Houston, TX
Texas has been consistently pro-growth as a state – many of its cities are leading the nation in economic growth. According to the Austin Business Journal, Houston had the greatest economic gains in manufacturing jobs. The source reported that Houston added 261,900 in the manufacturing industry this year, meaning that the city's rate of growth for manufacturing jobs was over 4 percent. 

The president of Manufacturing News Inc. talked about the state's healthy growth in the manufacturing industry. 

"That compares very favorably to the rest of the country," said Tom Dubin, according to the source. "While there has been manufacturing job growth, the average state growth has been about 0.8 percent. There's no doubt that Texas' economy is being driven by the growth in the energy sector."

Manufacturing recruiters in the Houston area are working  to bring even more talent to the city, increasing the already impressive economic numbers the city boasts.