Trends in Software Developments

Trends in Software Developments to Impact the Near Future

More than 80 percent of companies worldwide depend on computers to perform day-to-day tasks and overall functionality of the enterprise. In today’s market, technology advancements are rapid, radical and unpredictable. Below are some of the trends in software development to look out for, or to impact companies soon:

  • Agile method

While this feature has been in existence for quite some time now, it remains one of the favorites for developers and businesses to finish tasks and projects in time. This tool allows team leaders to focus on specific company projects at a time and help developers improve the software as per the requirement and needs of the said company.

  • Transformation in IT automation

In IT automation, developers expect some few changes. For instance, the software will no longer function as an opportunity, but will require more systematic implementation, meaning it will change from script code to deterministic design.

  • Internet of things development

According to business analysts, two years from now, companies will not need most of the durable solutions used today due to the rapid growth of the internet of things software. The near future will see more and more companies adopt the use of the internet of things software in their activities.

  • Integration of artificial intelligence

With advent of artificial intelligence, developers will soon target to find ways to integrate artificial intelligence in basic apps and products to improve efficiency and productivity.

  • Advancement in augmented reality

Things are looking up for augmented reality. With it’s overly warm reception in 2016, developers will focus on making augmented reality core software for companies and improving its features to make it accessible for majority of consumers.