Two international manufacturing firms expand to the South

Manufacturing is picking up in the South. There are two new international companies that are expanding below the Mason-Dixon Line.

International company opens in Texas to take advantage of manufacturing presence
One company, Phoenix Mecano, is a tech firm that specializes in industrial components. It's expanding its operations in North America to open a sales and distribution operations center in Houston, Texas. The facility will also hold inventory.

Phoenix Mecano is a global brand with a presence in Germany, India, China and Singapore. It also sells and has operations centers in 21 additional countries. One of its product lines, Rose Enclosures, is designed for enclosing hazardous areas. This line of products will be sold in the U.S. at its Texas location.

"Our strategic expansion to support oil and gas, one of North America's fastest growing industries, is an exciting move," said Bruce Bator, director of engineering at Phoenix Mecano​, according to the source.

Bator also added that his company has major experience when it comes to selling its products to different market segments, and so his team will be able to take advantage of the manufacturing going on in Texas.

A factory opens in Kentucky
Alltech, a company that makes food for animals, is opening a location in Pikeville​, Kentucky, on the newly opened Marion Branch industrial site. The company plans to manufacture animal feed there.

"We are delighted to have the support of Governor Beshear, Congressman Hal Rogers and the Commonwealth of Kentucky that will make it possible for Alltech and other companies to operate at the Marion Branch Industrial Park," said Deirdre Lyons, co-founder and director of corporate image and design at Alltech.

Kentucky has made a major push for the site, giving $5.73 million to build an access road to the industrial park. The road is being designed for tractor trailers that will ship raw materials and finished goods into and out of the factories. The state is also working on its road infrastructure in order to allow local manufacturing companies to give easier access to interstate highways and ship products around the country.

Kentucky creating a home for manufacturers
Kentucky is working hard for companies that want to do business in that state, not only by opening new industrial sites and building better infrastructure, but also by making the business part of manufacturing easier with expos like the Minority Business Expo, which focuses on diversity. The expo begins on July 31 and runs until August 1. One of the speakers will be Wil James, president of Toyota Motor Manufacturing, according to

Companies that want to expand their businesses would do well to contact manufacturing recruiters to help find the best talent.