Utah County looking to become manufacturing hub

Utah County, Utah, is aiming to be a hub of manufacturing activity as county Commissioners have lined out a plan to bring more manufacturing businesses to the area, according to The Daily Herald.

Commissioner Gary Anderson announced at the State of County address on Jan. 21 the board is aiming to make Utah County a prime destination for manufacturers.

"This valley was built on manufacturing," Anderson said. "Geneva Steel raised a lot of families in this valley and that's gone, we need good industry."

Part of the plan to bring new manufacturing businesses to area includes improving Elberta​, Utah. Anderson said once the city improves key infrastructure components, they can begin alluring manufacturers to relocate to the city and expand their businesses. Some of these infrastructures include improving waterways, roads and railways, each of which will help the production for manufacturers run smoothly. Anderson went on to say if businesses relocate to Elberta, it would do wonders for the local economy.

"[Elberta] is the perfect place to do it," Anderson said. "If we could put 7, 8 or 10,000 jobs out there, holy cow. Think of what that can do for the south end of the county."

Manufacturers who are relocating to new areas and need to find experienced workers can use operations recruiters to help fill positions.