Valent BioSciences expands operations in Iowa

Valent BioSciences Corporation opened a new biorational manufacturing facility in Osage, Iowa, in July, according to an official company statement. Valent Biosciences manufacturers insecticide, nematicides and plant growth products created from biological origins for the agriculture, health and forestry industries throughout the world.

The company invested $146 million into the 130,000-square-foot facility that sits on a 73-acre site. Its purpose is to serve as the manufacturing and quality control center for Valent BioSciences.

Prior to the new facility, Valent BioSciences acquired Pace International, LLC, which allowed Valent BioSciences to offer both conventional and biorational products for seeds, preharvest and postharvest crop production. The company also aligned itself with Biomar Microbial Technologies to create new products out of their research facility in Long Grove, Illinois.

"Not only does this investment reflect the rapid growth of our business and validate the value of biorational technology in the marketplace, it puts us in the position to meet the rising demand for our products as we continue to develop new and innovative solutions for our customers around the world," said Valent BioSciences Executive Vice President Ted Melnik.

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