American Empire Manufacturing doubles the size of its Waukegan facility

The Illinois-based packaging, labeling and liquid-filling service provider, American Empire Manufacturing is doubling the size of its Waukegan​, Ill., plant. The company will increase the facility by 10,000 square feet to add more liquid filling lines, a prototype lab and more labeling machines. 

American Empire Manufacturing projects the expansion will take about 30 to 60 days before it's fully operational. The plant will also upgrade to energy efficient lighting systems. The plant hopes to receive International Organization for Standardization certification, ISO 13485, by the end of the year.

Part of the expansion is an upgrade to their certified ISO 8/Class 100K clean room in the facility. The new clean room is 400 square feet and contains a growing room, a laminar flow design that forces airborne contaminates out of the room and a HEPA filtration system to filter the air coming into the room. The clean room will allow the manufacturer to fill regulated dental, medical and cosmetic products.

The expansion signals American's successful rise from near ruin in April 2013, according to the company's Chief Operations Officer Joseph Trznadel.

Expanding Illinois-based companies should work with Chicago recruiters to fill the new positions brought on by their growth.