Automotive textile plant in South Carolina expands

Suminoe Textile of America Corporation announced a $5 million expansion to their Cherokee County, S.C. facility.

Suminoe is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suminoe Textile Ltd, which began in Japan. The South Carolina facility opened in 2003 with only 10 employees. It produces textile products for the North American auto industry, and the expansion will focus on its needle punch carpet facility.

The company expects the expansion will create 100 new jobs in addition to the 400 currently working at the facility. The company will hire machine operators, forklift drivers, inspection operators and workers for management positions. This is Suminoe's second expansion at this plant, according to Bobby Hitt, South Carolina's commerce secretary.

"Suminoe is excited to continue growth at our United States facility in Cherokee County," stated Kathie Ledford, HR manager for Suminoe. "They welcomed us with open arms ten years ago and we appreciate the continued support of Cherokee County and the South Carolina Department of Commerce." 

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