Bloomer Plastics expands its facility in Wisconsin

Bloomer Plastics announced it completed its expansion program in Bloomer, Wisconsin. The company was founded in 1971 and has grown to be an international producer of custom plastic products used in industrial, medical, agricultural and transportation applications. 

The multi-million dollar expansion included two major projects: a plant-wide debottlenecking initiative and a physical plant expansion including the installation of a new art cast film extrusion line, which is the company's first new line in 10 years.

Bloomer Plastic's purpose in the additions is to be able to meet the growing demand for unique polyolefin-based products. The improved output after the expansion will exceed an incremental 25 percent on an annualized unit volume basis. This expansion also illustrates the company's plan to continue increasing its capital spending.

"The two major programs just completed represent historical levels of capital investment in our business and will improve our level of customer satisfaction," Bloomer's President and CEO Kevin Keneally said.

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