Caterpillar expects to hire a hundred employees in 2014

Caterpillar announced it's planning on hiring 100 new workers for its plant in Georgia in 2014, according to Online Athens. The company is looking for qualified welders, assemblers and other workers because it's preparing to manufacture small tractors and more mini-hydraulic excavators.

More hiring to come
After this addition of 100 more workers, the company is looking to hire another 200 by the end of 2014, Online Athens report. This is a unique circumstance, according to Mike White, a human resources manager at Caterpillar's Athens plant. The company doesn't usually hire so many new workers at one time.

Caterpillar has lofty goals for this plant, which is estimated to have an annual payroll of $57 million once it's fully operational, according to Online Athens. The production facility opened in October 2013 and hired 300 employees to start. The company has invested approximately $200 million in its Georgia facility and it hopes to employ approximately 1,400 workers by 2018 at this location.

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