Chattanooga, Tennessee one the top manufacturing cities in the country

For those in search of a suitable environment for building a business or finding a decent-paying job, Chief Executive Magazine cited Chattanooga, Tennessee as one of the nation's leading manufacturing centers.

The magazine, which boasts a circulation rate of approximately 42,000 business executives, regularly surveys its subscribers to rank which cites are the best and worst places to open or move a business. Long known as the "The Dynamo of Dixie," experts expect that Chattanooga is poised for even more economic expansion.

Chattanooga's unique offerings
Manufacturing has changed a great deal in the past decade, thanks in large part to the role that technology plays in helping factories operate smoothly and efficiently. Spurred in large part to Chattanooga installing its own fiber-optic communication network through the government-run Electric Power Board, more companies are flocking to the area to take advantage of the cutting edge internet services. By using gigabyte-per-second speeds, businesses can conduct more transactions, which ideally translates into increased sales and additional economic growth. According to Bloomberg News, David Buss, a writer for the Chief Executive Network, wrote in his blog that, "Manufacturers are sure to follow the digital-tech entrepreneurs and take advantage of the sizzling fast data network [in Chattanooga]."

The Chattanooga Times Free Press stated that according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Chattanooga has enjoyed a 10 percent comeback in factory jobs since the Great Recession. Compared to the national average of manufacturing jobs occupying 8.7 percent of the workforce, metro Chattanooga employed 30,500 manufacturing workers, or 12.5 percent of its workforce as of December 2014.

The city's Chamber of Commerce reports that since 2009 companies have invested around $6 billion. Volkswagen's 2011 move to the city helped boost manufacturing jobs in the area. The VW factory will also be expanding soon in order to build its SUV lines, which require more workers for the increased output.

Most recently, WNA Chattanooga announced plans to invest $11 million in the area to expand its production lines and make new hires, while Southern Capital Tray also announced plans for an $18.1 million expansion, including adding over one hundred jobs.

President Barack Obama has mentioned Chattanooga several times as a "tornado of innovation" and praised the city's turnaround. "To me, I look at this and see the difference of where I was as a kid with a city center that was dying and where I am today with a beating heart that is vibrant and energetic and bold and an example to the rest of the county," Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berk told the Times Free Press in response to the president's statements about the city.

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