Cloverleaf Cold Storage Company to establish first Illinois facility

Cloverleaf Cold Storage Company is opening a $30 million refrigerated facility in Monmouth, Illinois, according to a statement from Gov. Pat Quinn's office. The company's facility will service the Smithfield Farmland Corporation, which is located near the new center.

Cloverleaf employs more than 900 workers and has 15 locations around the U.S., but the new 235,000-square-foot building and distribution center is the company's first Illinois facility. It hopes to increase the size of the plant to 315,000 square feet in the next three to five years, according to the governor's office.

The new facility will need 155 new full-time employees and Cloverleaf hopes to create an additional 50 more positions within the next five years, the governor's office reported.

The company received a financial assistance package from the city, county and state worth an estimated $6 million to enable it to locate in Monmouth, Illinois. The city and Warren County authorized $3.4 million in tax incentives, mainly in the form of a decrease in property tax liability over the next 10 years. Various programs through the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity will provide about $1.2 million in tax credits.

The Illinois Department of Transportation also committed to $1.5 million in road improvements so that the local highways and roads can handle the new traffic and weight of Cloverleaf's trucks.

Companies expanding their operations in Illinois should work with local manufacturing recruiters to find the most qualified workers in their area.