Company expansions drive growth in Northeast Indiana

Northeast Indiana is experiencing an increase in jobs. In 2014, nine new companies announced their intentions to open or move to the area, while another 98 expanded their operations. Based on the data, Inside Indiana Business reports that these expansions will add close to 3,000 jobs to the region, with manufacturing accounting for roughly two-thirds of the available openings.

Furthermore, Northeast Indiana has had the least amount of business closures in 2014, which shifts the previous four-year trend. Moving forward, employers and data analysts are optimistic about the economic future for the 10 counties that make up the region. 

According to a study by the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership's preliminary estimates, payroll jobs grew by 3 percent from 2013. This development reflects a trend across all sectors. If this remains true once the official labor numbers are released, this would be the best percentage increase for the region in almost 25 years. Initial data also reveals that the number of jobs rose by 9,072 over the past year. A 3 percent increase like this is above the national and state average, which both only had a 2 percent bump.

Previously, the labor force was expected to remain stable over this time period, however, a growth in 2.6 percent over the past year means that more companies will have the opportunity to expand and hire additional workers. This is the largest shift in the labor force that the Northeast Indiana region has experienced in about twenty years.

This data paints a rosy picture in the region for those individuals who find themselves unemployed or feel that their talents being underutilized in their current position. By seeking out professional recruitment help, these people can get the assistance they need to land the job that best compliments their unique skill set.