Connecticut works on promoting manufacturing jobs

Connecticut is currently pursuing a plan that will help train workers in the manufacturing industry. This is being done through a loan of $711,533 to TOMZ Corp., a German manufacturing company, which will assist the company train workers, The Associated Press reported.

Loan to help manufacturing workers
This will aid in the company's efforts to boost its workforce – according to the source, the company will add 30 jobs. This is merely one of many efforts in Connecticut to achieve greater prosperity and productivity in the manufacturing industry. For example, a $30 million fund this year was devoted to helping the manufacturing industry, spurring growth by allowing companies to invest in new equipment and technologies. 

​Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy spoke about the efforts to boost the manufacturing industry's presence in the state.

"We are providing leading manufacturers, like TOMZ, with the support they need to expand, increase production and create good-paying jobs with good benefits to counter the shortage of skilled workers in this industry," Malloy said, according to the source.

Trends in manufacturing extend to other New England states
Candidates in the Rhode Island gubernatorial race also displayed a dedication to increasing the number of manufacturing jobs in the state, according to the Providence Journal. Gina Raimondo,  Rhode Island's state's general treasure, indicated that she wanted to bring manufacturing jobs to Rhode Island, according to the source. She also said that she would focus on forming a nexus with high schools and colleges with the manufacturing industry – in the hopes of establishing clear parameters related to job training. 

Current manufacturing growth in U.S. 
Manufacturing has recently been having a good summer economically, according to Forbes. Out of a total of 18 manufacturing industries, according to the source, 15 observed growth in the month of June. The Obama Administration has been a keen advocate of engendering a more robust manufacturing industry in the U.S. - according to the source, Manufacturing Innovation Institutes have been an impetus behind the policies and vision of government. These are centers that cultivate a connection between leaders in the manufacturing industry, the federal government and various universities – all of which will work in unison to facilitate the manufacturing industry. 

The Administration's efforts are similar to those discussed in Rhode Island – for example, the involvement of universities and centers of learning may help to produce cutting edge job training methods, which allow the manufacturing workforce to burgeon. 

Manufacturing recruiters across the country can work on cultivating the best talent and hardest working employees to improve the manufacturing industry.